Saturday, June 5, 2010

...a thousand times

I could hug you one thousand times

it wouldn´t be enough
I could kiss you one thousand times
still wouldn´t be enough
I could love you one thousand times
and still be short of completeness

Just let me be with you
'till the end of time
while our love smiles
and survives the vicious times
........ No matter how many thousands more
I will always find new reasons to love you
.....and cherish the old ones with tender
And one day, way ahead of us
we'll look back and see our life
like a black and white movie
burned out from use and time
and smile of the kisses and hugs
and looking forward to our continuum

...a thousand kisses!



TM said...

Just a thousand???? :P

spritof said...

...each time!

TM said...

Still not enough... :P

spritof said...

...each time...second!

TM said...

Já te disse hoje?

spritof said...

E eu... já te disse hoje?

Vamos dizer os dois ao mesmo tempo... :P